31 Oct 2009

Renaultsport Megane MR Design


30 Oct 2009

29 Oct 2009

Audi A9


New BryanRW Chops V2

The new updated BryanRW Chops has arrived. Enjoy!

26 Oct 2009

25 Oct 2009

Honda FCX Clarity MR Design

A economical modified car,The Honda FCX Clarity MR Design


24 Oct 2009

Vauxhall Tigra Facelift 2

Another Updated Tigra.



22 Oct 2009

21 Oct 2009

Vauxhall Tigra Facelift

The Vauxhall Tigra is starting to look a bit dated so ive modernised it to fit in with the Current Vauxhall Range.


20 Oct 2009


Im sorry I havnt put a new chop on the website recently, been busy with college work,I will be working on future projects which will be added as soon as they are completed.

6 Oct 2009

Theophilus Chin

Hi Readers,

If you really really like photoshopped cars, then Head over to Theophilus Chin's website
he has loads of fantastic chops,that are very realistic and very very well done.
He is also part of the Wheels Weekly magazine team, so head over to his website and enjoy it.